About Us

A little more about who we are and why we do what we do

Pūreprep is a whole food, plant-based delivery service. Our food is prepared the natural way, with unrefined or minimally refined plants.

Pūreprep meals are centered on colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and seeds. We exclude from our creations refined sugars or flours, meat and dairy products, hydrogenated oils, and also offer soy free options. We also omit to use wheat and related grains (gluten), but cannot certify the risk of cross contamination. We do our best to select fresh quality ingredients, non gmo and organic products, while offering accessible prices (all our soy ingredients and leafy greens are 100% organic).

Why go for a whole food, plant-based lifestyle?

Either trying to gradually transition into this lifestyle, or already dedicated vegan activists, everyone can enjoy the benefits of more whole food plant-based meals in their life.

The wholesome plants benefit your health

As food is the main source of fuel to our bodies, it plays an important role in improving day-to-day energy levels, and preventing diseases in the long run.

The whole food plant-based diet has been proven to lower different cancer risks as well as prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes. It can also improve cardiovascular health and reduce high blood pressure.

Whether trying to decrease your body fat and lose weight, or to maintain a fit and muscular body, a diet rich in fibers and low in calories such as the one suggested by pureprep will contribute to reach your goals.

Most importantly, you will be radiant from inside out, with increased energy, a better mood and lower anxiety, depression or fatigue.

Feel the plant power!

Your body will thank you,

including your taste buds too!

Healthy doesn’t mean deprivation nor boredom. Pureprep does not compromise on taste. Our mouth-watering, chef-inspired options are remakes of your favourite meals from all around the world, ranging anywhere from Italian comfort food to Asian raw salads. We work hard to constantly improve our breakfast, entrees and desserts menus, which are changing every week for the sake of diversity. You might end up craving it!


Save the planet!

A whole food plant-based lifestyle is not only good for you, it is also good for our planet and the future generations. It is no secret that the “traditional american diet” is not sustainable due to the large gas emissions emitted by factory farming. Also, a pound of grain protein takes about 100 times less water to produce than animal protein. Therefore, adopting more plant-based meals into your routine could reduce your ecological footprint while also saving animals lives!

“We showed that the same dietary changes that can add about a decade to our lives can also prevent massive environmental damage,” said Tilman, a professor in UM’s College of Biological Sciences and resident fellow at the Institute on the Environment